Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wanting to be artistic...

Yesterday was horrible. I felt horrible. I acted horrible. Yes, yesterday was a horrible day.
Today I want it to be better, life is worth living the good and the bad days,
but I like the better days a lot better.

IT got better from

conversation about GOD... my favorite
a sweet hubby,

and time to be creative
now i am no artist! But I love to try.
This is what I knitted:I also decided to be a mock model with my computer camera:
this one was my favorite

Now my plan is to paint, read the beautiful Bible, and listen to music in french.

later that day...

Ended up not listening to french music... =( but did paint a little.
I am messing around, so it didn't turn out the way good or anything^ I saw a cat in the very yellow fields when I was driving home the other day.

^ this one... i just like that purple color
Have a LOVELY day.

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