Sunday, March 14, 2010


Although I love pictures and have been planning on putting up my day in a picture diary... I cannot find or am just too lazy to find the cord the goes in between the computer and the camera. INSTEAD of that brilliant plan I decided to post something I do not love as much: goals.

Yes, goals work for people and they are good and schools like them etc etc, but I feel like life is much more than accomplishments that you get here and there. I want my life to be lived. Yes, lived with intentionality, but not riddled with awards and trophies as significant as they may be. Life to me is loving Jesus and loving others. Goals are more marginal and flexible and mine often change.

Nonetheless the following goals are my "five year" goals
(who can even imagine their life in 5 whole years?)

1. To Publish a Children's Book (or at the very least give it a try...)

2. Learn Spanish

3.Polish Up the Children's Ministry (although I am not sure what that really entails or looks like...)

4.Plant a vegetable garden (i like carrots when they still have the fresh earthy taste)

5. Make better goals... maybe

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