Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going Crazy... as usually.

Have you seen it?
Over at the Perfect Pear, Lauren, has posted a picture of me!
Wowzas! Not a very flattering pic (my bad!), but the picture is suppose to be about the adorable poppy ring she sent me! Lauren is so sweet, so if you have a chance, hang out at her blog. Its so inspirational it makes me want to get up and do things. Seriously! Who doesn't need a little inspiration to do something other than watch the tube? Way to go Lauren!!

More craziness includes- I can't sleep, but Peter's asleep and Tux finally is laying on my lap. He has been one bouncy cat this evening! He has been into his food, jumping on the tv, jumping on my back, playing with the door stoppers, you know the ones that make a funny sound.

Sometimes I think Tux is a toddler, wrapped up in a lot of fur... it could happen... right?

Well, Here is a good night to all!

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