Monday, February 28, 2011


Seriously its good for you! 
Peter and I made the trek to the mail boxes down the street today. I say trek, because even though there is no snow on the ground the wind alone is enough to make you stay inside! Oh, and did I mention the tiny, but evil dogs that try to gobble you as you walk by? Well, it is true. In fact the queen evil dog (which I think is actually a boy) bit Peter's pant leg today! 
I take cat parenting very seriously and sometimes I wish people took dog parenting just as seriously, at least for the sake of the innocent pants out there.

However, lest this be a word-only post, I thought I would share some pictures from Peter's Staff vs Students basketball game. 
Well, this is actually a picture of me, not exercising... oh well though

Peter getting ready... so still no exercising...

Finally! Yay! Someone exercising!
So, for me to exercise, I have been doing squats,
doing Dancing with the Stars DVD,
and I try to park far away from the buildings so I MUST walk.

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