Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sickness moves to my Brain

Still feeling Blah.
It is like a pit in my upper stomach. ICk! But amid the ache I have made some important discoveries.  I have come to realize that the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) prescribed to me by my doctor although probably effective drives peope, mainly me, insane. 

The evidence is clear: after watching countless episodes of Next Top Model in Britain and Mexico (although I do not speak Spanish... yet) I became utterly and obsessively concerned with exactly what was in those little suckers. I am referring to of course the chocolates inside the heart shaped box that I received for Valentine's Day. Restrained from eating them, they took up all of my thoughts. How could I make a choice (when I got the a-okay) that was both delicious and speedy? Ah ha! I got out a knife and surgically split all the chocolates left in half.

But if you are still not convinced: Then, seeing the board game Clue already out on the dining room table, I began to play by myself with two friendly teddy bears. 

Notice how they are sitting on couch, chair and walking in?
I love rearranging the people in all the rooms!
tux wanted to play, but when he plays he ends up eating
the people and weapons, so he has been forever banned.
Oh and could I mention a few other things? 

I do not have bananas or any made rice so I am more on the AT diet.

I had a horrible dream a night or two ago about a large meatball of death and then woke up with a stomach ache. 

The same night I had another dream where a 2nd grade teacher forced her students to eat huge disgusting bowls of ice cream, they begged me to help them. But when I did.... you guessed it... I woke up with a horrible stomach ache.

Tux won't go outside, because I think he is more of the quiet poetic type then the fighting type and I saw another cat out there. Plus its below freezing

I lost at the Clue game I played against those teddy bears. - please don't rub it in... I am very sensitive about it. 

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