Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baking and Making

I think because I have the approval to eat most foods again (I was feeling horrible earlier) I have gone a bit baking batty.

For a normal baker, you will think I am just losing my marbles, because I only baked two things in the last two days, but as I posted yesterday its hard to do things sometimes. I find that after I have been sick and just laying around I WANT to do more things, but my energy level hasn't caught up with my wanting do level... if that makes sense. So baking seems like a nice first step.

First: Engagement Cookies!
If you have never had them, well you are in for a real yum yum amazing experience! Seriously!

You can even freeze the dough!
Just comment if you want the recipe!

Second: Flour Tortillas - these did NOT work out like tortillas should, I have made authentic corn tortillas with the sweetest lady in my church and these look much different. In fact the ones I made are more like pita bread, but guess what? - I like pita bread so I am still happy ;) We put Caesar salad inside and ate it like a wrap.
see? uber thick! and i don't think I could flatten them more.
But I still love them! - recipe

What's up next? I have no idea? Maybe these doughnut/muffin holes the Frugal Girl made?
also recipe

Anyhoo this whole post I keep spelling recipe, RECIPIE, 
which I think is a much better spelling since my version has the word "pie" in it.

Alas, the English Language puzzles me again.

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