Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to do when you should be doing your homework? Peter is working on his masters, but every once in awhile the weather is JUST TOO GOOD to pass up
doing something.... anything outside, even for a minute or two.
So I went on a run and tried to return to our house from the backside, 
meaning I had to fight off large over grown... 
well its not grass, its tumble weeds before they become tumble weeds... 
ANYway, when I came home Peter had to open the back door for me
and I had found a golf ball on my adventure. 

this was a practice shot... that is why the ball is still on the ground ;)
 When he started back to his homework, I took a shower and painted this:
Its for the hilarious lady at church who counts the money.
She was sick so I had to help out and I am not near as accurate as her. :)

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