Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Be Honest here..

after all this is a blog. My weekend was pretty boring and horrible. Lots of crying, tissues, headaches, confusion... well you can read about part of it here. But instead of drowning in the negative sea that was, let me show you some of my favorite parts about the weekend.

I loved watching these three amigos. Tux, Peewee, and Second Cat (who's given name is actually Precious). Peewee was digging and the other two wanted in on the action! They are so adorable. And despite my distaste for little dogs most of the time, Peewee (can you tell my 5 year old neighbor named him?) is a pretty nice dog.
This is Second Cat's Second appearance on Steen Days!
 On Friday, the last time I saw Peter until sunday 10pm (!!!) I got to go to his school and bring him lunch! HE has the weirdest office, but I love it. He is a traveling teacher and his office as you can see is probably meant to be exclusively a janitor's closet. but that is ok. I love it anyway! Its his own little space tucked away. Everyone needs a secret place. ;)

The man gobbles up chilli cheese dogs from DQ
 I also did some creative crafting. Made stars from yarn and knit fabric. 
I am not a very good knitter or crocheter, but I do dabble everyone once in a while!
found pattern here
 I also got my feet wet in finger knitting:

see instructions here
I tried a lot of things, but most not good enough to be on the internet 
like I tried this, but it wasn't as cool as Cakies ;)

Chin up!

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