Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 me+ alone = lots of ideas for food 
me + alone, then with Peter = lots of food ideas being made!
This is a food heavy post! The things pinterest can do to you... *sigh of happiness and fullness*

Homemade potato chips! So so yummy. 
Plus I know everything that goes in to them, and thus into me.
*recipe here*
 Homemade pita bread. Not as hard as you think.
Plus we put pizza sauce and toppings on top..oooh!LOVE pita pizza!
*recipe here*
Marconi Cheese Grilled Cheese sandwich.
A sandwich that has cheese in it twice? 
Yes please, cheese!

I made tomato soup, which satueed mushrooms, pinwheels,
AND I added just a couple of strawberry bits for the vitamin C (its cold season!)

 I love ice cream. 
Yes, LOVE. Its not always a good thing, but its still a thing.
*recipe here*
Good luck with these! I hope you like them and enjoy eating them!

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