Friday, September 9, 2011

Office Projects

My office at work is messy and kind of bland. Now the messy part is totally and completely my doing, but the bland- not so much- its an office! What else should I expect? I thought to myself which of these problems can I fix with the most fun... and here you have it my solution to you guessed it the bland problem:

I found the idea here!

AND I thought I would share with you my TO DO schedule for the week. Instead of tons of scraps of paper (since I have enough of those taking up residence on my desk) reminding me of what I need to do at work, I made this little guy:

I printed a free printable from one of my favorite artists Arian and put one of those paper keepers that all the smart kids in high school used ;). Then using one of those pens made for the purpose of *gasp* overheads or white boards I write what my todos... and then erase it the next week.

Hopefully that's handy!

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