Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bike Ride

What an adventure!
I biked to and from work today.
I thought I should let you know what I bring when I bike to work.
1 - books for work
2 - extra change of clothes for the office (see below)
3- face cleaner pads
4- deorderant 
5- water... SUPER SUPER important - especially at 88f! 
6 - bungie cord to attach the basket to the bike

took it myself, with the timer in the bathroom... classy no?
this is the little bag I wear on the back
1 - the little bag
2- my journal
3 - keys to the office
4 - ipod shuffle
5- cell phone
6- computer and cord

I also saw a train... up close! oooh! 
 I guess the fall isn't too bad... so far

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