Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Good Read and a Large Mammal

The movie "Invictus" inspired me to look up the book the movie was formed after and I read it.
I found "Playing the Enemy" to interesting to say the least. Here is a horrible photo of the book (notice how I put buttons by it? I think buttons make everything better)
The book is by John Carlin...

And now for some more exciting new...

TA DA!!!! and elephant! I braided yarn for its tail and after sewing it on the inside... ahem... well anyway I just hand stitched the ears and button eyes. I found a shape of an elephant on the internet and try to roughly cut it out on two sides of fabric. Sew it mostly up, stuff it up and then hand stitch it up and batta bing- an elephant!
I think i'll send this cute guy to my dear friend Charis.

I also am embarking on a hopefully cute sock monkey
- the instructions courtesy of Web Goddess (
Creepy?? a little... its unfinished,
like junior high boys or even boys at all... give it time

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