Friday, August 13, 2010

2x DiY Room ideas...

PS. I know PSs usually happen after something so maybe this should be a note...
if you click on the picture it makes it look much less blurry. Not sure why that is happening. SO please click on the picture!

thank you

#1 uno
We wanted the youth at our church to have more opportunities to express themselves...
so we gave them journals
we want to put their art on display in the room, as well as poetry
we are asking for their help doing various jobs

and we used spray chalk board paint to make a strip they can use chalk on!

This is the messy-ness you must make in order to have such a big mess afterwards
I do suggest though to use the can paint and the not the spray.
(I am finding paint in my tissues after I sneezE!!!)

Below is the MAN cleaning up...

AND here is the final product!

#2 dos
This is a wall decoration, eco friendly, budget friendly because it is made entirely out of...

amazing, isn't?

Go ahead get the tutorial here!


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