Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Post

101. This is my 101st post. GOOD. Because my camera cord is playing hide and seek, and me left to do the seeking part, I am forced to use pictures taken from other places then my dying camera.

In fact I will be showing you my little museum of my favorite movie with dogs.  I am usually a cat person, but some dogs just steal your heart. I LOVED 101 Dalamatians... and the phrase rings true in the present tense as well!
These are some of the "newest" if you can call it that.
These are the beloved plastic dalmatians I use to play with.
This is the very special Patch plush. Patch is my favorite.

(Tux loves the camera) Anyway I hoped you enjoyed my escapade into the number 101 and all the memories it brings.

Favorite Disney movie?
let me know!

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