Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Cut or Not to Cut

that is the question.

although I do adore long hair, lately I have just about had it! That's right curls on my head, you have not been behaving well, and now I am letting the whole world know about your rebellion.

Back to the blog this is my hair now...
forgive me when I am act strange in front of a camera

This has been my hair in the past short...

short and curly
short and straight
Reasons to not cut:
I can grow it out just a little bit more and donate it (which is what I have done the past 2 or 3 times),
I can ponytail it,
 it takes a long time to get it long... maybe why they call it long hair

Reasons to cut it:
Easier to deal with in the morning
Less hair to get in a mess
Less wet hair on my back
Less resentment for the outright rude locks!
-okay some of these are silly...

What do you think?
Sorry for all the pictures of myself... I hope I am not that vain...

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